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Mehrdad Avesta


Mehrdad Avesta (1930-1991) was an Iranian poet and writer.

Born as Mohammad Reza Rahmazi in Borujerd in 1930, he later was known as Mehrdad Avesta where Mehrdad was his first name replaced for Mohammad Reza and his family also changed from Rahmani to Avesta showing his interest in ancient Persian culture.

Mehrdad was born in August 8th, 1930 in an educated and art-oriented family in the city of Borujerd where he had chance to be inspired by his poet grandfather, Ra'na. Mehrdad soon showed his talent to compose poems and he was encouraged to keep reciting poems by his teachers in the cultural environment of Borujerd city where many other scholars appeard in the same way.

Later when he was an 12 years old teenager, he moved to Tehran with his family where he finished his high school in a boarding school and had chance to enter the University of Tehran. In 1948 he started his academic education by entering the school of Philosophy (Theology) and later graduated with a degree in Logics. He continued his studies in same school and finally graduated with M.A. in Philosopy.

Avesta stated working as soon as becoming a university student in 1948. First, he employed as a librarian in the Office of Education in Tehran and then he continued as high school teacher in Tehran high schools. He was only 25 years old when he was allowed to teach philosophy, Persian literature, aesthetics and history of art at different departments of the University of Tehran.

He married twice in 1954 and 1966 and he had one son and three daughters. During the Shah period, he had some political activities againt the regime and was jailed in 1953.

His first book 'Tashihe Dvian-e Salman-e Saveji' pubished in 1953 by Zavvar publication in Tehran. It was an edited copy of Salman Saveji book of poems. Mehrdad Avesta published several books and articles most of them his poetical works.

On May 6th, 1991 he died in his office at Vahdat Hall of Tehran while he was editing a poem work. He was buried in Behesht-e Zahra semetry of Tehran.


1951- Tashihe Dvian-e Salman-e Saveji (Revised poem works of Salman Saveji)

1954 - A treatise in philosoply, logics, psychology and ethics

1955 - Aql o Eshraq (Wisdom and Illumination)

1956 - A revision of Resalat-e Khayyam

1960 - Az Karevan-e Rafteh (From the gone caravan) (His first poem collection work)

1963 - Palizban (Persian novel prose)

1965 - Hamase-ye Arash (Arash epic poem)

1965 - Az Emrooz Ta Harggez (From today to never) (Persian novel prose)

1969 - Ashk o Sarnevesht (Tear and destiny)

1969 - Ravesh Tahghigh dar Dastoor-e Zaban-e Farsi (Research methods in Persian grammar and writing styles)

1972- Sharab-e Khanegi Tars-e Mohtaseb Khordeh (Drinking wine at home feared of the police) (Poem work)

1973 - Tirana (Poem work)

1981 - Emam, Hamsei Digar (Imam Khomeini, another epic)